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One of the best gifts you can give your child is the gift of martial arts.  TIGER has been helping families discover the wonderful benefits of studying martial arts for over 35 years. Through our time-tested curriculum and professional instructors, children and parents learn the value of discipline, confidence, respect, bully protection skills and goal setting.  You can feel confident in the environment in which your child will be taking their martial arts lessons. TIGER has developed a unique family atmosphere that promotes personal achievement and personal development.


Jr. TIGER Fundamentals Course

Program: Orange Belt Course
Curriculum:  Introduce to Fundamental Muay Thai & Karate Techniques
Next Step: Jr. TIGER Intermediate Course

The first step can be one of the most important steps in achieving one’s goals.  From day one, students are taught techniques that will enhance their levels of respect, confidence, and discipline.  Through discipline and confidence, students will learn that they can accomplish anything. In the Fundamentals Course, students will focus on the basics of Muay Thai and Karate. Once a student has completed the Fundamentals course, the next step is our Jr. TIGER Intermediate Course.


Jr. TIGER Intermediate Course

Program:  Blue Belt Course
Curriculum:  Mastering fundamentals and intermediate techniques.
Next Step: Jr. TIGER Advanced Leadership Course

Each student and parent has their own personal agenda and goals for participating in martial arts.  The Jr. TIGER Fundamentals Course links personal goals with the physical applications found in this course.  Students will begin to develop a greater sense of respect and self-awareness while becoming more confident in the techniques taught in the Jr. TIGER Fundamentals Course.  


Jr. TIGER Advanced Leadership Training

Program: Black Belt Course
Curriculum: Refine techniques taught in the Trial and Fundamentals Course while learning advanced techniques and developing leadership skills.
Next Step:  Leadership Program
(For more information contact your program director.)

In this program, parents will find that as their children advance in the various levels so will their confidence, discipline, critical thinking skills, focus, and goal setting. The journey to Black Belt will yield benefits that last a lifetime. At this level, the instructors’ and staff’s main focus is helping students develop into productive leaders in society with the ability to overcome obstacles, set goals, and protect themselves.


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