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Muay Thai Kick Boxing

TIGER Muay Thai Trial Course

Course: 4 Weeks
Curriculum: Improve fitness level while learning basic Thai Boxing techniques.
Next Step: Muay Thai Fundamentals Course

The beginning stages of your martial arts journey are crucial.  Developing a strong foundation will help to ensure you are on the correct path to accomplishing your goals.  From day one of your Muay Thai Instructions, you will learn techniques that are practical and functional.  Besides being one of the most effective forms of self-defense in the world, Muay Thai is an awesome source for physical fitness. Our Muay Thai Kickboxing program serves teens and adults in Portsmouth, Chesapeake (Western Branch), Smithfield, Downtown Suffolk, and Northern Suffolk.


TIGER Muay Thai Fundamentals Course

Course: 12 Months
Curriculum: Develop range awareness, timing, and accuracy as they apply to defensive and offensive applications.
Next Step: Muay Thai Advanced Course

Once a student has completed the Muay Thai Beginners Course, they are ready to transition into the Muay Thai Fundamentals Program.  In this program, students will begin to gain an appreciation for the sport of Muay Thai.  However, the primary goal of this course is to understand the Art of Muay Thai as it functions as a means of “self-defense.”   Unfortunately, many schools place their primary focus on the “sports side” of Muay Thai neglecting its potential to be a formative source for self-defense.  


TIGER Muay Thai Advanced Program

Program: Black Belt
Curriculum: Refining and perfecting skills learned in the Basic and Fundamentals Course.
Next Step: Muay Thai Mastery Program
(For more information contact your program director.)

After a student has completed the Muay Thai Fundamentals Course, now the true journey begins. Students will develop a greater sense of confidence by gaining a better understanding of the Art of Muay Thai. The Advanced Program takes a more in-depth study and approach.  Students will become more knowledgeable and sharpen their defensive and offensive techniques while getting in the best shape of their lives.   Although Muay Thai does not have a traditional ranking system, TIGER has developed a structured curriculum that takes a student to Black Belt.  Simply put, Black Belt represents a standard of excellence that one has accomplished through the commitment to a goal.


TIGER Muay Thai Sport

At TIGER our primary focus is teaching the Art of Muay Thai as a means of “practical self-defense”, our Muay Thai Sports Program provides an opportunity for those who are interested in competition. Students will learn “ring generalship” along with tactical techniques that are geared towards competition.  This program is offered to students who wish to compete and have completed the Muay Thai Fundamentals Course.

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