Tiger Martial Arts Academy

TIGER Cubs (5 - 7)

TIGER Cubs Program

Program: Life Skills and Fundamental Martial Arts Techniques
Curriculum: Enhance further development of large and fine motor skills while teaching respect, discipline, and confidence through studying martial arts.
Next Step: Transition into the Youth Program

Often parents are searching for an activity that will enhance their child’s confidence, discipline, and focusing skills while burning off some energy and having fun.  TIGER’s Cubs Program was designed to fit the above-mentioned needs and more. Children will experience the benefits of martial arts training while developing confidence, discipline, and respect.  TIGER understands that children learn best through fun, structured, dynamic movements. Through these dynamic martial arts applications, children will receive a great workout, improve coordination and balance skills, and develop the confidence to deal with bullying. If you are ready to see a positive change in your child’s life, then TIGER’s Cub Program is here for you. Our Karate for kids program serves children 5 to 7 years old in Portsmouth, Chesapeake (Western Branch), Smithfield, Downtown Suffolk, and Northern Suffolk.

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